I'm Hannah! But my friends call me Digit! I'm a freelance illustrator who loves to draw!

I specialize in cartoonish art, and pixel work! I love to animate too!

if you're here, you've either been given my link, or you're interested in my work!

That's cool! I have some more links off to the side there, and I also have some commission information down below!

Thanks for being interested!

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Commission Information!

[SHADED [30 / 40 / 55] || FLAT [20 / 25 / 30] || LINED [10 / 15 / 20]

Hi guys, I offer commissions in many different flavors!!
I draw anything from humans to furries, ponies to dragons! See examples below.
If you are interested, please take a moment to fill out this form:

docs.google.com: Digit's Commission Sheet​

... unless you prefer Comiss.io?